About the project

Selected candidates will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to double their monthly net pay, as well as get new and precious experience in the field.

In case you are an employee belonging to the group VAMED mediterra, your current employment will be "interrupted" for the time of the placement (leave without pay). It will be "restored" after your return.

We are currently seeking candidates for placements in Germany, for the position general nurse. However, we are planning that we will be able to offer placing in other European states in the near future. Also, we will be able to offer the placement to other non-medical health care occupations.

You can always choose the length of your stay. The options are from three months up to one year. In any case, the amount of your monthly income will depend on the length of the placement.

At least an elementary knowledge of the German language (level B1) is a neccessary condition. Knowledge of English is an advantage.

The job description is basically the same as the competencies defined for the general nurse post in the Czech republic. Below you can find a brief summary of what is expected from you.

  • professional performance and keeping the standard nursing documentation
  • supporting patients in all-targeted activities
  • Self-contained and professional nursing of patients and assistance during therapeutic activities
  • professional behaviour in compliance with legal and professional guidelines
  • attendance in three-shift roaster

During your placement, you will have a contact person available, who help or advise you in any case.

After your return, you will definitely appreciate your increased employability on the labour market (respectively opportunities for career growth), because during your placement you will get:

  • international experience from the leading institutions abroad
  • enhanced language skills
  • contacts for professional colleagues

Are you the one we are looking for?

  • I am a registered general nurse
  • in case I am not registered, I have at least 3 years work experience
  • basic IT know how - e.g. Microsoft Office and hospital information systems
  • I can speak German
  • I have a sense of responsibility and social conscience
  • I like challenges and learning new things
  • I am a team player, but am not afraid of individual responsibilty

If you are interested in participating in this project, please see the following steps:

1) in the „application form“ section, please fill in your personal and education details and upload a structured CV both in Czech and German

2) after completion, you will be filed into our database of candidates (The registration is free of charge and may be cancelled at any time)

3) in case you are a suitable candidate and we currently have a placement for you, our HR officer will immediately contact you. You will discuss all neccessary issues and she will answer all your questions.

4) in case there is no suitable placement for you at the moment, we will keep you in our database (you will be informed about that as well) and if there is any suitable placement for you in the future, we will contact you as already described above